Non Proft COVID Mask Making Project - can you help? May 24, 2020 09:03

 Edeline Lee Face Masks
 I found fashion designer's, Edeline Lee, call for sewers on instagram and volunteered some time.  5 days of very specific sewing, (she trained with Alexander McQueen) and I added 50 to her goal of 20,000.
 Edeline Lee face masks
 Bendable wire nose piece (top stitching), contrast binding (never done that before.. so neat and Sewing Bee), elastic around the neck and head.  Made from spun bound polypropylene, washable (10 times) OR she suggests leaving the mask in a plastic bag for 3 days (72 hour Covid-19 window).


 She says "We are not scientists!  But current research says that COVID-19 remains on fabric surfaces for 48-72 hours.  Our masks are meant to be disposable for frontline workers.  For civilians, wear a different mask each day, and let rest in open air or a paper bag  (not in a plastic bag) for 48-72 hours after use.  These masks can be wiped clean, but cannot be ironed.  Alternatively, they can be washed at 60 degrees, but the fabric will start degrading after about 10 washes."


Edeline Lee face mask

 If you can help?  My 50 brought the total to 12,500... the goal is 20,000.


Have a look at her website.  There is a video on the insta feed and meticulous instructions.  I pared my working time down to 25 mins per mask...

Anyway, Stay safe and Stay sane!


 London Chair Collective face masks

from her website:

Fashion designer, Edeline Lee, organised volunteers to make 20,000 barrier masks to be donated to frontline workers during the lockdown.  

If you are a sewer or craftsperson, have access to a sewing machine, and fancy helping out - Please send us your name, address and phone number on Instagram @edelinelee or via email to  We will post to you a mask-making kit to make 50 masks in your home.  Post the finished masks back within one week, and we will be distributing them to frontline workers en masse.