Dulwich Debrief.... May 21, 2018 01:02

 Dulwich Open House 2018
We were out in force.... did you come?
Val's yellow armchair

144 Rosendale Road is the perfect backdrop to our chairs.  We are indebted to Val

for enthusiastically agreeing to let us takeover her house every May.


This beautiful yellow armchair is in the dining room. You may notice the background

colour is in a lot of the photography of our chairs.  There is always alot of debate

amongst us all as to how to place the chairs to catch your eye! 

Gail's recliner

Gail's french recliner in the Garden Room... Can you see the Wisteria behind?  We

were lucky, the flowers were gone by the second week. 

The walls are painted with a Mylands paint called French Green.   In our minds

we reserve this room for more contemporary chairs but the odd Victorian chair sneaks

in occassionally... Val's Open Armchair in the front.

Helen's project

Helen's restoration project chair was in the study.  Probably Regency or Georgian, we thought it was too perfect a patina to ruin it by restoration. 


This room is darker than the others and has the most wonderful gothic dark floor



When we set up the photographs for the shop these walls become vital.  Some

of the fabrics disappear while others will come alive.  Moving chairs through small

doorways always fun!

 House of Hackney Benchairs

Carol's House of Hackney Benchairs in front of an Art Deco sideboard?  Mixing old

and new styles is an art.

We never know what each other is going to bring and fabrics and styles move around

until we hope we get it right.


Spoonback and Campaign Chair

A few of these chairs are still available in the shop.  Charlotte has taken photographs

and these will be uploaded soon.

We are so lucky to have all these elements to show off the craft we all love!

May is our favourite time of the year!


Chromecraft Swivel Chair

Carol's Chromecraft swivel chair in its starring role!