Iron Back Odessey: Chapter Two November 18, 2015 20:58


 The Ironback Build:

Helen has been busy getting the base of the Ironback upholstery into place.  Lots of stitching, lots of measuring, lots of stuffing....


Have a look at Val's Ironback to see where all this beautiful work is headed!


The frame was fairly rusty so first it needed sanding down.


 Then the frame was ‘mummified’ with calico to protect the metal and prevent wear and tear.



 A strong hessian base is stitched to the frame and locked tightly round the outside frame. Being metal no tacks or staples – everything has to be sewn on.




  The legs are looking a bit sorry so before I go any further I clean them of their years of accumulated dirt lightly stain them and wax them back to looking a little more as they were meant to be.




Now I’ve got a base I can create the lumbar support with fibre and a little hair. This is stitched to the hessian base.


 Next job is to create the outside roll which takes much longer than I expected. It’s time consuming trying to get a uniform size all the way round the chair and takes a lot of stuffing then pinning, then re stuffing and re pinning .



  Finally it looks reasonable and I can begin to stitch round the outside back.
 More later