Design: Screen Print & Upholster October 5, 2015 18:00

A collaboration between Fable & Base and the Kent School of Upholstery



Transform and re-imagine your dining chairs during a 6 Day Course (held over 6 weeks).

Design your own unique fabric pattern and screen print it onto organic cloth using high quality Soil Association Approved inks.  Upholster your dining chairs using a combination of sustainable, natural and recycled fillings topping it all of by using your bespoke screen printed fabric for the cover.


Guidance from two local design led experts in their fields:  professional screen printer and tutor Francessca Baur and upholsterer and tutor Alex Law.

Classes of no more than 5 students are held weekly; taking place at either of the tutor's own purpose built studios.


All tools, equipment, printing and upholstery materials needed to complete the course will be provided.  All students are required to provide is a set of dining chairs with drop in style seat pads.  There is a limit of 6 chair seats/fabric panels per student.



Day 1 - Introduction to Screen Printing. One to One tutoring to explore design options and make a start with designing.

Day 2 -  Introduction to studio and demonstration.  Day spent preparing art work, screens and mixing colours.

Day 3 - Printing designs onto fabric for 4 - 6 chairs.  Using your prepared screens and pre-mixed colours.

Day 4 - Introduction to Upholstery and the materials used.  Preparing your chairs for reupholstering.

Day 5 - Upholstery process stage 2.  Building up the filings and covering in a base cloth layer.

Day 6 - Upholstery process stage 3.  Covering the seat pads using the bespoke pieces of fabric.


Vegetarian friendly lunches will be provided throughout the course.

Contact details are: 

Fable & Base 07976367140;    Email-

Kent School of Upholstery  07791527158;  Email: