The Cornershop Cookbook September 23, 2015 21:47

The Cornershop Cookbook

Every so often a book is published that makes people think 'what a great idea, wish I'd thought of that'. The Cornershop Cookbook is one of those books and photographing it was a hugely enjoyable job. 

Written by the brilliant dream team of Caroline Craig and Sophie Missing, it's the book for the way we all really shop for food. While farmers markets are fantastic they are often a weekend treat - when we have the time to browse at leisure - whereas we're much more likely to pick up ingredients from a local shop on the way home from work on week nights. Here are some of my behind the scenes shots from the Cornershop shoots and a glimpse at a few of the dishes. 

There's some lovely background in Guardian Cook and a bonus recipe in the Independent (this spaghetti is one of my favourites!).


The Cornershop Cookbook is out on 24 September, published by Square Peg Books.
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