My commission highlight of 2016! January 14, 2017 15:05

Jobshandryk throne chair
 The job has got to be..... this upholstered throne re-covered in the clients' grandmother's curtains
 Upholstered throne
 The chair revealed techniques and materials that were a surprise but I couldn't argue with the comfortable seat and back... so went with the flow.....
 jobs handtryck textiles

 The greatest challenge was taking full advantage of the beautiful curtains.....Made in Sweden, the hand printed fabric is from Jobs Handtryk Textiles. This pattern translates as ' A Cottage Garden'.

'Jobs Handtryck is a family run hand printing house which was founded 1944. Their colorful designs mirror the fauna and flora of the landscape Dalarna, Sweden where the company is situated. 

The feeling of these hand printed textiles from Jobs Handtryck is a piece of  Swedish summer flora coming alive. The colours and design of the flowers are so authentic you actually want to pick them and put in a vase.'

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 upholstered throne

 My best friend in laying out the pattern were the bees and butterflies.  So I chased the bees (and avoided the stains)  around the chair trying to capture as many as possible!

Be sorry to say goodbye.


 upholstered throne