1980's Chrome Waiting Room Chairs : 4


from the Boatyard Collection; an ongoing collection of recycled furnishings and new fabrics inspired by living and working in Faversham, North Kent.

The most modern chairs in the current collection were sourced directly from an office building.
The waiting room chairs required the chrome work to be re polished but they have retained the sense of the decade they were born in.
An different approach was taken to designing the colour way for this style chair. The rusty red colour represents the colour used in dying the sails of traditional Thames barges.
The chairs have been upholstered using a combination of fillings derived from new wool, recycled foams, recycled plastic bottles and recycled textiles.
Cover fabric is 100% Cotton.


THE BOATYARD COLLECTION:  On the banks of the creek I’ve known for most of my life there is a world few people see. Traditional Bargewrights and Boat Builders find themselves sharing spaces with a mixture of light industry, logistics and retail outlets. The uniqueness of the combination in my home town has given me the opportunity to produce a locally sourced nautical collection far removed from pressed white slacks and squeaky clean deck shoes.

An ecologically sensitive approach to re upholstering the chairs is at the heart of each restoration. Care has been taken to combine fillings from recycled, natural and sustainable sources whilst maintaining compliance with UK domestic fire regulations.

Design by Alex Law

Set of  4 chairs   £1400

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