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Upholstery by Jude Dennis

Who I am and what I make are inextricably linked and Stackers takes an irreverent look at institutionalisation or is it de-institutionalisation? Simultaneously celebrating and subverting the traditional skills. I am fascinated by the transformative qualities of upholstery. By taking something so uniform and familiar - the plastic mass produced chair - experimenting with traditional techniques and presenting them in unorthodox ways (blurring their social and cultural origins) I am inviting the viewer to question their known notions of both the craft and the form.

Jude has spent over 15 years in the art departments of film, theatre, fashion and events. She works part time at The Cass, as the upholstery technician. As well as producing her own work, Jude takes on high profile commission pieces, both commercial and private. Her forward thinking approach to upholstery design as won her many awards.

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Judith Dennis

Judith Dennis

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