Upholstery by Debbie Lowndes

Debbie completed five years City and Guilds upholstery training at the Met University, East London in 2009, receiving an award from the Worshipful Company of Upholders. She specialises in upholstering Victorian iron back chairs – a unique synergy between the industrial and the decadent.

Recent works show an elegance and subtlety influenced by Alexander McQueen - feathers hand stitched to the back of each chair to contrast with the intense tautness of the upholstery. Other commissions incorporate everyday worn fabric of a personal or historical significance, contrasted with contemporary exquisite fabric. Debbie established The London Chair Collective in 2009. She lives and works in East London.

Huge thanks go to: Gainsborough Silk and Jab.

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Debbie Lowndes

Samples of work

Pink Velvet Upholstered Chair
Pink Velvet Upholstered Chair
Saddlebag Larsen Mohair fabric chair
Anna French Black Songbird
Bute fabric Victorian Iron back chair traditionally upholstered by Debbie Lowndes using Bute wool fabric

Upholstery, Art & Design Exhibitions / Commissions

Helve Show
Dulwich open House
Traces Show
Stephen House Unlocked
Second Sitters

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